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The ramblings of a Commando girl

14 August 1979
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Its so hard to describe yourself in so few words. Who am i? I am andy, aka amanda. I was the SELF Bootblack 2008, www.seleatherfest.com. I am a boi. I am a puppy. I am a little. I am a sister. I am a brother. I am a friend. I am a lover. I am many things to many people. I am strong, powerful, loving, crazy, insecure, emotional, friendly, smart. I am poly and proud of it. I am all these things and more i am sure.

I am a leatherboi who is in the first part of the journey to earning my leathers. I have a wonderful leather mentor who is leading me in many new and interesting directions. I have now had the privilege of being presented with my vest and my boots. I am a member of a loving and diverse leather community. I have served on the board of my first real time kink group. I volunteer as often as possible with my current group.

I am a bootblack with a love of all things leather. I teach several classes right now, bootblacking, boot worship, and young leather.

On the vanilla side of things I like watching television, reading books, movies, and many other things. I am a self proclaimed geek with a love of many things sci fi/fantasy. I adore all things 80's. My favorite tv shows right now are Queer as Folk and Heroes. I am a board game enthusiast.

Wanna know more? Just ask.

Labyrinth is magical love.

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Bisexuality is Real.

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